2003 Gibson Les Paul 1960 Historic Reissue Bavarian Makeover II

Beautiful 2003 R0 Les Paul which has been makeovered and optimized by the master luthier himself, Florian Jaeger.

Whoever read something about Florian is aware of his taste in style and perfection.
The guitar has a 75 year old and certified brazilian rosewood board.
The guitar received the Bavarian Makeover II which includes :
– refinish with nitro lacquer
– reshaping of the topcarve and the moustache
– replacement of the inlays
– neck reset
– reset of the stop tailpiece
– trussrod replacement
– royalite binding on body and neck
–  personalized aging
Replacement parts :
TonePros Kluson Tuner
Throbak Pickup Rings, Moioaxe Pickgard &Toggle-Scheibe.
Faber Stoptailpiece und ABR-1 with brass saddles
SAG-Dominger 1960 Humbucker, orivinal copy of 1960 PAFs + Cryo Tuned
CTS 500kOhm Potis, 50s Wiring, Cornell-Dublier PIO-Caps 0.022 MFD


Weight : 3,66 kg

Price : sold

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