1956 Gibson Les Paul Junior Tobacco Sunburst Singlecut


Serial number: 6 11451

Nice strong Tobacco Sunburst with not too much Weather checking.
The frets were replaced with newer ones a long time ago. Still have plenty of meat.
Extremely loud and direct response with very nice neck profile.
Cavities brushed out with „Black Shielding Paint“. Two newer pots with Bumble Bee capacitor. The 50’s pots are in the case.
There used to be other tuners on it. Additional screw holes are visible on the sides. The old „Single Line“ Kluson tuners are mounted again.
One of the buttons was replaced, it was screwed out, it’s also in the case.
The pickup cavity was slightly widened, because a P100 pickup was used, which had a slightly wider bottom plate. Now the original P90 with its cap sits in the guitar again.
Comes in the new ABS Form Fit Case.



Weight : 3,55 kg

Price : sold

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