2016 Gibson Les Paul Mark Knopfler Aged and Signed

There is a certain type of guitar that is so rare on the market that they are almost considered extinct. One such guitar is the 1958 Les Paul Mark Knopfler Aged and Signed, of which only 50 were built. This guitar was immediately sold out upon release and is now hardly ever offered. However, we are fortunate to be able to offer the number 13 of this rare beauty. It was built completely according to the True Historic Specs and is a particularly resonant lightweight at only 3790 grams.

We have already seen several aged Mark Knopfler Les Pauls, all of which are characterized by exceptional sound quality, including this #36 Aged and Signed. This guitar has a remarkably clean sound that is typical of Mark Knopfler. It is very round and balanced, with a pleasant warmth and a pearly-differentiated tone when distorted. It is a real gem for blues fans. The guitar has a lot of character and responds well to dynamic playing. The lead sounds are absolutely convincing and have a singing tone with a lot of expression.

This instrument is in like-new condition and is currently the only one available for sale worldwide.

Weight : 3,79 kg

Price : sold

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