2016 Fender John Cruz Masterbuilt 1965 Stratocaster Relic


John Cruz has done it again! This Strat sounds as vintage as it looks. In general, it has big, round mellow bass response, with lots of bright, sparkly trebles and upper-midrange quack.

The neck pickup is woody and deep-sounding with dense midrange, transparent trebles, and a touch of high-end brilliance.

The middle pickup is beefier than most neck pickups, with more of a focus on the low-midrange and a little more cut in the trebles,

and the bridge pickup is punchy in the mids and lush in the trebles.

Basically, this guitar is the perfect middle ground between David Gilmour and SRV’s Strat sounds, and it plays like a monster, too!

Anyone who enjoys the sound of a Stratocaster at all will find lots to love here. 


Weight : 3,44 kg

Price : sold

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