2013 Gibson Les Paul Standard 1959 Historic Reissue JOE PERRY VOS Custom LP

What a lovely looking and awesome sounding Les Paul.

The Joe Perry Signature Guitars were pretty quick sold out after rushing into the market.

Limited to 150 guitars worldwide.


Includes: Hardshell Case, Certificate of Authenticity, Strap Locks, Hang Tag and Paperwork


Boy, do we wish guitars could talk…could you imagine the stories that a Les Paul that’s been owned by both Joe Perry andSlash could tell? It’s not exactly English, but the tone that comes out of the new Gibson Custom Shop Joe Perry ’59 Les Paul speaks for itself. This is the recreation of the original ’59 Les Paul (serial number 9-0653) that was owned originally by Perry, and has been through the hands of Boston-area player Billy Loosigian, Eric Johnson, as well as Slash. Through the ups and downs of Joe’s career, it had since landed back into his hands, and now with the Gibson Custom Shop and the Music Zoo’s help – it could land into yours as well.

The guitar has a meatier neck than a usual ’59, with broader shoulders – but you can still feel that slight „V“ in the middle of the profile. Joe Perry has said the original guitar wasn’t all that hot tone-wise, he liked to play it clean and drive it up with his own playing, and that’s exactly how this guitar sounds. The Alnico III Custom Buckers provide lots of clarity and medium-gain punch with an added bit of chime on top.


Weight : 3.70kg

Price : Sold

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