2013 Fender 1956 Stratocaster Custom Shop Strat Black Schwarz Heavy Relic CS ´56

This Strat combines vintage style, heavy relic looks, and modern materials for a guitar that looks and feels as good as it sounds! The maple neck and Ash body have both undergone a roasting process that eliminates excess moisture and sugars for rock-solid stability and extra punchy tones. The appointments are all straight out of 1956, with a heavy relic black finish, a vintage-style six-screw tremolo, and the classic Strat controls. The more-than-played-in feel combines with the roasting to provide one of the best Strat experiences we’ve ever had here at the Zoo! The handwound Strat pickups are based on models from the 60’s for a bit more punch and extra sparkle, but rest assured these pickups deliver gobs of pure Strat tone!


Weight : 3,22kg

Price : Sold

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