2012 Gibson Les Paul Collectors Choice #4 Sandy Tom Wittrock

Discover the unparalleled Gibson Sandy CC#4 – used but in flawless condition. This guitar not only delivers a fantastic sound but also establishes a captivating connection to the past. The carefully crafted aging gives it an authentic patina reminiscent of a genuine vintage guitar. Each trace of wear tells its own story, lending the Sandy CC#4 a unique character.

With its impressive resonance and timeless design, this guitar is more than just an instrument; it’s a melodic journey through music history. Whether you’re a collector, seeking a faithful companion for playing, or simply wanting to experience the magic of a vintage sound – the Sandy CC#4 is a remarkable choice.

Discover the fascination of the Sandy CC#4 and immerse yourself in the sound that transcends the boundaries of time.

Weight : 3,64 kg

Price : 13.990 Euro

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