1984 Fender Fullerton Stratocaster 1957 Vintage Reissue



The Fullerton, CA plant continued to be Fender’s main production facility until the very first months of 1985.  The instruments that were produced at the Fullerton, CA plant are now known as „Fullerton Reissues“ among collectors and players.  These are very high quality instruments and are highly coveted among both collectors and players.  There have been several changes made since these were first introduced in 1982.  1982 marked the first year of the Fender Reissue and production bugs and supply chains were still being worked out.  Due to this, there are several small variations among the very first „Fullerton Reissues.“



Amazing condition for it´s age.
Casecandy and original Case also included…

Neckdate : 1984

Potdate : 1984 und 1983


Please see the pictures for more details.

Weight : 3,19kg

Price : sold

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