1969/70er JMP Marshall Major

200 watt top with aluminum panel.
The Blackmoore amp with Vintage KT88 tubes for extra headroom
and volume was used by Deep Purple from 69 to 74.
But also Jimi Hendrix ,Steve Ray Vaughan ,Frank Zappa and Mick Ronson were fans of this
special amp.
Also used by the bass legends Lemy Kilmister or John Entwistle.
Certainly the most powerful Marshall amp ever built.
Serial number: A4572A A = July 1969-1970)
The cabinet was reinforced from below with an additional allup plate.
4x KT88 power tubes
2x Ecc 83
1x Ecc82
Weight: approx. 30 Kg.
About 1200 amps were built between 1968 and 1974.
After that the production was stopped.


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