1968 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop P90


Serial No.: 530364
Year: 1968
Color: Goldtop
1-Piece mahagony body with maple top
1-Piece mahagony neck with 50th small size headstock

P90 pickup readings:

Neck: 8,47k Ohm
Bridge: 8,09k Ohm
Pots: all 4 68 dated (Solder Drop covered)
Caps: 2 sprague black Beauty caps

Original double line, double ring Klusons. Have had once others, but no extra holes/only washer trace visible.
Prof refretted with a lot of flesh!

The guitar is in original condition including nylon saddles, chrome hardware, all plastics and electrics and has only minor playware.

The guitar has a typical but not too chunky 68 neck profile and sounds really, really good. Small 50s Style headstock, long neck tenon.

As close, you can get to a 50s amazing Les Paul for much less.
The guitar comes in its original black form fit case with yellow plush.





Weight: 4,69 kg

Price: 29.000 Euro

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