1966 Gibson Trini Lopez Standard ES-335 Gold

Attention enthusiasts and collectors! Here I present an exclusive 1966 Gibson Trini Lopez that not only delights with its musical sophistication, but also fascinates with its extraordinary history and stunning looks.

This 1966 Gibson Trini Lopez was originally born in an elegant Burgundy Sparkle finish, but over the years the warm sunlight has transformed its aesthetic into an enchanting gold. This unique color gradient not only gives the guitar an unmistakable charm, but is also a testament to the years of musical journeys and stories it has experienced.

When I was offered the guitar several years ago, I immediately refused on the phone because the guitar could only be fake, after all, there is no Trini in gold…
Far from it 🙂

All the plastics on the guitar are no longer original, the pickups are ThroBak SLE-101 MXV and sound better than the originals.
The plastic parts are all from Crazyparts, but the bridge and the Trini Lopez Piece are original and can no longer be found.

The guitar sounds fantastic, Dave Grohl knows why he plays it.



Price : 9.000 Euro

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