1966 Fender Telecaster Candy Apple Red

This amazing and killer sounding Pre CBS feature guitar is in wonderful condition.

End 65/early 66 build Teles are rare birds and a custom colored one is a find!

Overall original condition with 2 small lacquer touch-ups below the control panel area, has a few dings and dongs as it was played a lot.

Has all the desired Pre CBS features like double line Kluson Tuners, patent number bridge,
3-ply white guard, 66 pots, threaded saddles, control panel, switch and knobs.

This Beauty has a well balanced sound and comes with a comfortable  nice neck shape.

Neck pickup reading:                6,55k Ohm
Bridge pickup reading:             6,68k Ohm
Pots date:                                     6618

We have inspected the guitar and can confirm that it is a genuine Fender Telecaster from the mid 60th area.
The guitar comes with a 1965 black Tolex “Fender logo without fin” case with orange plush lining. It includes the original ashtray.

This is a great instrument with high investment potential for every Vintage Guitar Collector.

Gewicht : 3,4 kg

Preis : sold

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