1960 Fender Telecaster Custom

Serial:                       58020
Neck Date Pencilled       10/60
Green Guard
Single Line Kluson Tuner
Volumen Pot:                 137 6007
Tone Pot:                         137 6007
Pick Up  Readings
Neck Pick Up:                 7,53 K Ohm
Bridge Pick Up:               6,19 K Ohm
Knobs, Switch, Switch Tip, Original
Original capacitors .1 MFD und . 5 MFD
Still with first Frets
PAT PEN. Bridge
Saggerated Saddles
Comes with Ash Tray and Vintage Leather Strap in a nice clean Vintage Fender Brown Case with yellow plush
CITES for Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard Slabboard with Clay Dots
Body includes double binding.


Weight : 3,25 kg

Price : sold

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