1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Burst „Selma“

The Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunburst is a pinnacle of all solid body electric guitars.
It is the most sought after and the most collectable vintage guitar in existence.
The allure of its sound and playability captivated guitar icons, such as Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Duane Allman.

This 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunburst Plain Top (SN# 92163) was purchased sometime in the mid of late 1970’s from John Bates, the Shop Manager at Orange, Music 3 New Compton Street London, before it closed in 1978. It was equipped with a B5 Horseshoe Vibrato.

The guitar was used by British guitarist named Cosmo who played this Burst on several live tours over the years in UK & Europe with the Heavy Metal Kids, The Flyovers & Raw Glory, and was also used on the album Nothing But the Truth The Flyovers, the album “Is that all there is?

The Jordanaires Johnny Earle and Blue Velvet and on the album “Long Road Back” with the Karl Green Band and also the album “City Life” with Raw Glory.

The above guitar (9 2163) still retains all its Original hardware, screws, plastics and electronics. It has had a re-fret (Dunlop 6130) and the finish has faded to a Honey Burst with a gorgeous patina.

This instrument has been played all its life so lots of magnificent scars, a real war horse with killer sound and outstanding playability.

Also supplied with guitar: B5 Bigsby Horseshoe Vibrato Unit (Selmer Licensed), all screws, original strap screws & buttons in the Stone Hardshell Case Centre Pocket.

It is rare to find a guitar with a strong provenance, knowing where it was used and played for decades.
The B5 Horseshoe was removed and put in its original lifton while the original stop tail piece where the guitar was supplied with has been put back again on.

May the new custodian of this fine instrument , play it in good spirit and health.



Weight : 3,79 kg

Price : sold

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