1958 Fender Stratocaster Sunburst


Serial No.:       35981
Year:                 1958
Neck Date:       8-58
Body Date:       8-58
Color:             3 Tone Sunburst
Condition:       Fair
3 Tone Sunburst Strat from 1958 still with a nice and strong V-shape neck.
Road Warrior with unbelievable loud and ringing chimney bell tone.
The instrument has honest play wear with plenty dings and dongs.
Original Pre CBS features like white single-ply guard, spaghetti logo “Stratocaster with synchronized tremolo” no-PAT NO.
Single line Kluson tuners, 3 powerful single coil black bottom pickups, correct Tremolo and saddles, string-tree, input jack, strap pins and plastics.

Over the years nicely build-up patina and craceléd nitro finish makes it looking outstanding.

Maple fretboard which was refretted once, the finger board has received an updated lacquer on fretboard only.

Pot dates:         304828, 137842, 1376428

Switch:             3 way original CTR switch

Pickups readings:
Neck:                 5,52k Ohm
Middle:             5,48k Ohm
Bridge:               5,59k Ohm

The guitar has an original 1958 tweed case without Fender logo with gold/yellow plush lining and perfect working latches.

It comes with a black leather strap and Tremolo Bridge Cover as Case Candy.

We have inspected the guitar and confirm that it is a genuine Fender Stratocaster from the mid 50th era.



Weight : 3,07 kg

Price : sold

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