1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop with PAF Pickups 


Serial No.: 7 2540
Year: 1957
Colour: Gold/Darkback
Condition: Mint/Excellent Museum Grade condition

Gibson Les Paul Standard is the pinnacle of all solid body electric guitars and here first year of the most sought for Les Paul after the 1958 – 1960 Sunburst version in existence.
The alur of its sound and playability captivated rock icons, such as Dickey Betts, Duane Allman, Snowy White and many more.

This guitar, nick-named “Texas Rose” (serial number 7 2540) is in Museum Grade condition.

It is one of the cleanest examples of an original 57’ Gibson Les Paul Standard I have ever seen.
It has a perfect balance of a comfortable, round neck and a weight of 9,25 lbs./4,2 kg combined with warm, rich, clear and assertive tone that is complimented by its deep, gold top colour and black plastic parts.

Inside the original 5-Latch brown case, it has the original leather strap and string set in the also mint brown case. There is a little “ding” on the back corner of the head stock, nearly invisible but to be indicated.

The guitar cames from Texas and has remained in the Dallas area until the early 90s that is why it is named “Texas Rose”.
It also has been owned and certified by Tom Wittrock from Springfield, MO with an additional personal letter.

The guitar retains the original factory nut; it has never been removed or replaced. The original factory frets are in good condition, they show slight play wear. The Goldtop has a Maple Top.
Inside the control cavity, the solder remains undisturbed and the pots look original and correct.
I was unable to get a pot date, due to the risk of disturbing the original solder.
The original factory PAF pickups have their original nickel plated covers and have not been unsoldered or removed.

The bridge pickup reads at 7,35k Ohm and the nick pickup reads at 7,45k Ohms.

The plastic pickup surrounds are original and correct and have not been removed.
The pickguard and pickguard assembly are both original and correct. The ABR-1 bridge and the tailpiece are both correct and original, in excellent shape.
Blacklight inspection shows no overspray. It blacklights perfectly.
It is extremely rare to find one of this museum grade, original conditioned Les Paul Standards.

The guitar is pictured in the one and only Goldtop Believers 2021 book.



Weight : 4,2 kg

Price : sold

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