1956 Gibson Les Paul Custom Ebony

Vintage LP Custom Black Beauty nicknamed Linda , Number # 613950
Original 1956 LPC with a lot of mojo and typical playware on the back oh the neck..

Weatherchecking with the real cool black color lacour.

This instrument is a one owner guitar.

Purchased on the 19th Of January 1957 at Paulus Music Corp. In Florida.

We got the Guitar in Florida from the owners son.

Mr. Duane L. Water owned the guitar for 64 year. What a connection to a musican.

He put his personal data and adress with phone number on the back of the backplates scratched for
safty reason to be able to prove that guitars is his in case of theft.

Untoched solders , original pots and 2 Bumble Bees caps,, ABR 1 and 50th Waffle back tuners

Comes in ist original Black Pebble Case.

Neck: 8,56 kOhm
Bridge: 10,02 kOhm


Weight: 4,15 kg

Price: sold

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