1956 Fender Stratocaster 2TSB Refin


Refinished body and as neck, newly fretted. New saddle.
Very old re-fin completely milky under black light.
With nice craquelé finish on body.

3 Black Bottom pickups with correct polarity.

Neck: 5,9
Middle 5,2
Bridge 5,98

New 3-way CTR switch.
Poti Dates 134 646.
These are not the regular 56 used pots from Fender. However, they are 56 pots that sound great.

The pickguard has received aluminum foil for shielding and stabilization. The tip was broken.
Repro knobs and pickup cover, newer 3-way switch.

Comes in repro Fender tweed case.


Weight : 3,29kg

Price: sold

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