1954/1955 Fender Telecaster Blackguard “Angelina”


Serial No.: 3164
Year: 1955
Color: Cream White/Blond
Condition: Excellent

The Blackguard Telecaster is the first and to many, the most memorable of all of Leo Fender’s creations. It represents the beauty of simplicity which turn out to be so wonderful complete.
I have inspected the guitar and can confirm that it is a genuine Fender Telecaster from the early 50th era.
This guitar, nick-named “Angelina” seems to be one of the last Blackguards made in 1955. It is one of those guitars you will never unplug once you start playing. It includes all the earlier Blackguard features.
Perfect shaped full neck, the serial number on the bridge plate, still with flush pole pieces on the bridge pickup .
In late spring, early summer 1954 changed round steel saddles are there. All screws are Philips head screws which is period correct (except on knobs, selector switch and neck pickup screws which are slot head screws and period correct)

The neck is penciled with 8-55 with only month and year. Body and neck pocket date is 8/55. The masking tape inside the control cavity indicates: MARY 8-04-55

The guard is original and made out of black phenolite material.
The bridge pickup with 6,2k Ohm and neck pickup with 6,92k Ohm are in the common range and still powerful as new.
The guitar weight with 8,37 lbs/3,8 kg is ideal.
Switch carries CRL 1452 and 3 patent number stamps.


Pots Date: 304 511 (March 55)
Tuner: Kluson open shell “no brand” 2356766 PAT APPLIED stamped.
Silver logo on headstock, correct dot spacing on neck.
Pressed steel “2nd generation style”, Jack cup.
D-Stamp is nowhere to be found on this guitar.

DAKA Ware switch tip with patent number 189645.
Out of the line drilled string ferrules on back of body.
All nail holes in right position.

This guitar has a desired blond finish with a more see-through.
Plastics, hardware, wood and finish are in original well preserved condition, showing little playware, but overall very nice.

The guitar is rewired to 67’ specs!

The guitar has an original Victoria Luggage Co. Center pocket tweed case which has been roughly used, but well restored and comes with the original solder drop ash tray and leather strap as Case Candy.

It is very rare to find such a sample of original conditioned Blackguard Telecaster.




Weight: 3,70 kg

Price: sold

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