1953 Gibson Les Paul with Trapeze Tailpiece Goldtop


Still with first years Les Paul Standard specifications and one of the most collected Gibson vintage guitar in existence.
The instrument has no known artist owner before, but was used for years on stages.

The guitar has a wonder construction to provide playability without losing Tone.
Much better than a Moyo Axe CTT-A top wrap Tail piece; this was developed by a German toolmaker with different material trials until the bell ringing sound of the original trapeze bar was not influenced or mudded. This makes a big difference in Tone!
Now with perfect intonation and string height adjustment.

This piece is in exceptional good condition for playability.
No string wrap under, but perfect concepted to use the all original soundbar!

Original Thumb Wheels Base as well as the Stud screws and nuts that originally adjust the intonation on the bridge are in the case and can be easily returned to 100 % original 53 setup.

The guitar has no breaks or cracks. It has a very light clear coat touch-up over natural  worn wood below the bridge pickup volume knob.

The weight is just perfect with  3,9 kg/8,59 lbs.
Outstanding P90 pickups, amazing sounding with a reading at the bridge with 7,5k Ohm and at the neck 7,68k Ohm.

Tuners, plastic parts, pickups, pots, caps, pointers, washers, 3-way toggle switch and tip, everything is there in original.

The case is a new Lifton 5-Latch Brown Case with pink plush.

The guitar is a 50th area Gibson Les Paul Standard which plays and sounds excellent which will provide confidence to any new prospective owner and increase value for the future.



Weight: 3,9 kg

Price : sold

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